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The 10 Top Secret Military Bases Inside The Usa

HAARP - Playing God with all the Ionsphere
A surviving remnant of Reaganis “Star Wars” motivation, the High-Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) in Gakona, Alaska is among the more questionable and mystical military tasks in r read more...

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What we learned from Eurasian 'Peace Mission 2016'

I have previously asserted that the Shanghai Assistance Organization’s (SCO) “Peace Mission” military anti-terror workouts have numerous advantages for that Chinese navy that are unavailable to it elsewhere. The Peace Vision exer read more...

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Why America’s Overseas Military Bases Should Close

John Glaser is a writer who addresses national security as well as a graduate student in Global Protection in the Schar College of Coverage at George Mason University

They cannot help our key national interests

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Kashmir and violence that is Indian

In accordance with Amnesty International on July 1, 2015, “India has martyred one lakh (100,000) people in Kashmir. Over 8,000 vanished (while) while in the custody of army and state authorities. No body has delivered so far.”

Indian

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5 Biggest U.S. Military Bases

The Usa is actually a world-leader in warriors and military preparedness; in fact, the USA can be the largest military on earth when it comes to variety of personnel. Guidelines five of the forts, and all are actually in United States.5 Biggest U. read more...